Life & Disability and Annuities

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Whole Life Insurance: Key Features and Benefits

How to use whole life insurance as an effective investment vehicle!
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Like all types of life insurance, whole life will pay a lump-sum benefit to your loved ones when you die.
Here are other benefits common to whole life policies:

  • Lifelong Protection - As long as you pay your premiums,
    you'll have the coverage for life.

  • Cash Accumulation - Cash values accumulate on a taxdeferred
    basis, similar to assets in most retirement savings
    plans, and the rate of return is guaranteed.

  • Access to Cash - You can access the cash values for important
    uses like a child 's education or a business opportunity.'

  • Level Premiums - Premiums remain the same for the life of
    the policy.

Keep in mind, if your budget is limited, you may want to consider another type of life insurance.


Keeping a Farm in the Family

Corinthian offers Whole Life Insurance
Read about how Life Insurance helped keep a farm in the family!
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We are focused on providing our clients with life, disability and annuities designed to meet each client's indi vidual needs.Corinthian Insurance works with Mutual of Omaha and many other financially solid companies that will be there for our clients.

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