If you have a claim to report
contact the appropriate supplier below as soon as possible!

Claims reporting
phone numbers:

Mortality and Major Medical Claims: Contact your provider immediately if you have a claim!

  • XL Specialties: Main Number: 800-732-6012
    • Uses R.J Ketch Equine Inc.
  • The Hartford: Main Number: 800-295-1815 (option 2) After Hours/Emergency: 800-427-4876
    • Uses their own claims dept.
  • American Reliable: Main Number: 800-732-6012 or 800-788-4780 After Hours/Emergency: 866-765-0474
    • Uses R.J Ketch Equine Inc.
  • Starnet: Main Number 800-431-1565 or 859-252-0922
    • Uses Frank B. Aubrey, II Equine Adjusting LLC


Animal Loss Procedures
• Report loss immediately
• Contact your veterinarian
• Make arrangements for an autopsy
• Call police in cases of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement

• Have animal destroyed without your insurer's consent
• Have animal removed prior to having an autopsy completed
• Neglect a police report if needed

Failure to comply with the policy terms and conditions could jeopardize your coverage. Please call these procedures to the attention of anyone having care,custody and control of the
insured animal.