Insurance Programs
The Commercial Equestrian


For more information on any of our programs or services please contact us.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Commercial Equine General Liability: This program provides coverage for professionals who conduct Equine-related business such as training, teaching, breeding, boarding and other horse-related activities.

Care, Custody, or Control: This program provides coverage to those who board horses. Care, Custody, or Control will provide coverage in the event that a non-owned horses is hurt or injured due to the Insured’s and/or the Insured’s staff's negligence.

Riding Clubs, Hunt Clubs: These programs provide third-party liability coverage to members of Riding Clubs, and Hunt Clubs. This coverage offers protection for owned or leased premises, public events, and a variety of club functions.

Horse Show Liability: These programs provide third-party liability coverage to members of Horse Show Organizations

Farm Protection Packages: These programs are designed for stable owners who operate a professional equine facility as a business. It combines the protection afforded in Commercial Equine Liability with the exposure of owning property. Corinthian offers coverage for your property such as homes, barns, sheds, arenas, contents, owned machinery, equipment, tack and livestock. Additionally, the farm package offers liability protection for exposure both on and off the premises including boarding, breeding, training, racing, horse shows, riding clinics and riding lessons.

Commercial Umbrella/Excess: This coverage provides additional liability to those who feel that 1 Million dollars is not enough to protect their business and assets. Corinthian’s Umbrella/Excess coverage can provide up to 5 Million dollars in additional liability protection above primary Farm Packages, Commercial Equine Liability, Business Automobile policies, and Worker’s Compensation coverage.