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These safety tips for stable and horse owners will ensure you have a legal, safe, and fun stable experience.

Remember Most Accidents Can Be Prevented With A Specialist In Equine Risk Management And A Little Common Horse Sense.

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     Stable & barn area safety:

  1. Keep hay in a cool, dry building preferably in separate building from the main stable.
  2. Wiring in stable should be code. (circuit breakers)
  3. Well-maintained fencing provides an effective barrier to all public roads with safely designed gates.
  4. No half-stall doors.
  5. Properly & safely designed gates and doors throughout the rings, arena and stable areas
  6. Do not let inexperienced people groom or tack up or handle horses without close experienced supervision.
  7. If stable is left open at night make sure that exits are secured with rails or suitable alternative.
  8. Stalls/fencing/stable area checked frequently for nails/sharp objects or other possible hazards.
  9. Make sure all lights/fixtures are covered/secured properly.
  10. Make sure electrical outlets and fixtures are not exposed to horses or people in anyway. Also, make sure all-electric heaters and appliances are disconnected after use.
  11. All grain/supplements/medicines should be locked in cabinet and locked in a separate room.
  12. Keep all ally/entrance/exit ways clear of trash/rubbish/debris/tack or equipment at all times.
  13. Make sure all stair/ladder (s) are well maintained and unobstructed.
  14. Make sure all rings/arenas do not have any tools, equipment, vehicles, tractors etc while occupied by horses.
  15. All barns should have working fire extinguishers and operating smoke detectors.
  16. Emergency numbers fire/police/vets should be clearly posted in barn and office.
  17. Barn/stable rules should be posted clearly in barn and office.
  18. Inspect/maintain fences regularly.
  19. Do not allow hazardous material/trash on the premise.
  20. Do not allow children on the premises unless supervised.