Background: Presently under state law, incorporated farms and fishing operations are eligible for a 3% tax credit for all hard infrastructure purchased - buildings, tractors, etc.  Non-incorporated farms are NOT currently eligible. This is unfortunate as many smaller farming operations are not incorporated. In fact, we've seen a 30% increase in the number of farms in MA during the last decade - most of which are smaller operations. A tax credit such as this provides a modest incentive for small operations to invest in their farm and grow - a benefit to everyone in the Commonwealth.
At Farm Bureau's request, Representative Carolyn Dykema filed legislation to extend the tax credit to non-incorporated farm and fishing operations. A recent Senate Economic Development bill included the language from her bill. Representative Dykema is now circulating a letter to House members asking them to sign on in support of this Investment Tax Credit in a joint House/Senate Bill.
Please contact your state Representative before Wednesday, and ask them to support an extension of the Investment Tax Credit to Non-Incorporated Farms and to sign on to Representative Dykema's letter. Here are some points to consider in your note or phone call:

  • Expands an existing 3% tax credit for incorporated agriculture and fishing operations to those which are not incorporated.
  • The vast majority of MA farms and many small fishing operations are not incorporated.
  • This modest tax break could provide significant stimulus and tax revenue in rural communities
    A new barn means work for carpenters and electricians and sales for lumberyards, etc.
  • Farms will never pickup and move overseas! This is a sound investment for the Commonwealth and helps to build infrastructure for the local food system and food security.

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